domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

And here I am, Sunday 6 am, nobody awake and very hot already! I think we are facing another broiling day here in the deserted pampas of Argentina- though it has rained lately.
A hot Sunday is by definition a blessing- we are haled towards a swimming oasis where catching up with friends and sharing the bonding beverage (mate) becomes a ritual.Of course before that, we must have a decent "siesta" so as to give the sun a chance to go a bit down and let us breathe without compromising our lungs integrity ;)... Creative work is then posponed till the next rainy day: crocheted monkey-to-be will have to wait to experince existence, photo album for Mati is delayed till Monday or Tuesday and BirdieBags, my latest creative cause, will have to keep developing in the back of my mind---

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