domingo, 21 de febrero de 2010

Getting ready for school...

So summer  is fading and school things are popping out on every shop window. And we teachers have been called back to schools to prepare for the opening term... the first thing that happens is that a sudden blow of sadness invades my soul! I love being around our home, surrounded by family and friends, working on crafts or just spending time with my hubby :) and my electric little girl! Then, gradually, I come to terms with the other me, the teacher, and start creating new plans to delight my very, very young pupils and so trick them into learning ;)
But `tis not without effort and grief that I leave this loose, reckless me of the summer, trying to cuddle some of it's warmth inside.

miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010

by the Sea

The sound of the waves in my ears and the snapshots of the wonderful moments spent in the sun, remain with me... even when these great days are long gone and we are back in the desertic pampas.

Off to the beach!

If mid January was broiling this last weak has been hell!! Temperature has reached 42º almost everyday and apart from swimming or sitting under the blessing of an air conditioner's flow, nothing could be done...
In spite of everything we managed to get Mati on his plane to Auckland where he landed safely some 15 hours later. So now all our tasks are accomplished, we are off to the beach!! where hopefully I'll find some time to finish at least some of my projects. Only if I mange to  tame the new laptop ;)